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Jean's story

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Diane's Story

Right Knee

She visited Stem Cell Regeneration for pain in her right knee. Her injection was administered on 5/7/2018. She was experiencing excruciating pain in her knee that made it hard to walk and function. She wanted to try stem cell therapy "to avoid knee replacement and to alleviate pain". She was looking forward to gardening and living life pain free! She said the staff at Stem Cell Regeneration is warm, friendly, and efficient. She thought the procedure went well! Though she was disappointed she wasn't one of the lucky patients to feel pain relief in the close weeks, she is seeing a lot of improvement now and is hoping for complete healing of her knee. She is feeling much less pain and is almost pain free! She believes stem cell therapy is a good option for anyone thinking about this procedure! 

Karen's Story



 She came to Stem Cell Regeneration on 5/7/2018 for injections in her knees. Her pain was almost the worst she'd ever experienced. The pain affected her everyday life and activities. She didn't want to go through surgery, but felt she needed to do something for the pain. She heard about stem cell therapy by attending the educational seminar held by Dr. Chris Schroeder. She was convinced and went through with the procedure! She said "(the) procedure was a breeze! Staff was great, encouraging and knowledgeable." Her pain and inflammation has drastically decreased. She can feel her knees getting better. She is very pleased and her pain has almost vanished! She said she definitely recommends stem cells because "they are so viable and will change your life." 

Cheryl's Story


Cheryl came to Stem Cell Regeneration with terrible pain in her neck. She had also noticed increased symptoms such as shaking, weakness, and problems walking. Cheryl has Parkinson’s Disease. She’s recently seen her neurologist who noticed her positive change since her procedure. Eight weeks since her procedure and she is no longer walking with a cane. Her shaking has greatly decreased and she’s noticing amazing results. She’s down to taking one medication and could not be more impressed. She’s so excited and we hope to continue seeing progress. 

Jennifer's Story



Her pain decreased within 4 days. Her swelling has gone down. She is so thankful for the experience and enjoys the pain relief she's had.  



Her pain decreased within 4 days. Her swelling went down. She can now walk without a cane and she doesn't wobble. Her bone spur that caused so much pain in her heel has now gone away. She is thankful for the experience and is grateful for her pain relief. 

Jan's Testimonial

Watch Jan's testimonial discussing pain relief after her tissue transplants at Stem Cell Regeneration! 

Peggie's story

Watch Peggie's testimonial and learn more.